The Story

Even as coaches we have our own issues and problems to work on.

Is fear holding you back from becoming a professional coach?
Are you a professional wanting to transition to coaching?
Is your business or coaching role lacking direction?
Are you sick of the hustle and grind?
Do you want to move from people-pleasing to powerful coaching?
Are you struggling to release yourself?
Has success not given you the life satisfaction that you had hoped for?

The Problem

Coaching is a life-affirming and rewarding role. The impact you can have on others, individuals and businesses, can be immeasurable, but the business of coaching is far from easy. And more crucially, as coaches, we often put ourselves last to work on.

The Solution

Coaching is going through unprecedented growth and is now one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The barrier to entry is incredibly low, anyone can become a coach, but establishing yourself as a professional coach requires more than just a desire to help others. The coaching space is becoming crowded, filled with aspiring coaches willing to coach for next to nothing. Then there are the marketers telling us how easy it is for us to establish our own coaching business with ebooks and online courses. With all of this has come plenty of hype that reeks of toxic positivity.

Are you sick of this hype and hoopla? Have you had enough of or cringe at mantras like; "Hustle", "Be the best version of yourself.",  'My zone of genius' or 'Bring it on!"? Have you been sucked into this hype, but underneath know and feel it isn't you?

What if you let all that go and release yourself? What if you could fully accept who you are to focus on what really matters to you - coaching others with authenticity? What if you could become the coach that you know you could be?

If you want to move beyond the hype, the external, the superficial, and go deep to release your authentic self, work with me. I can offer you a different coaching experience - one that will shift your focus from what external influence has convinced you is important to focus on what feels important to you.

Together we will release the authentic coach inside of you and grow your coaching business.    

In a nutshell:

Working with me will be different. If you are into the hustle and grind, have already found your "zone a genius" and are looking for shortcuts, then I am not for you. I am for you if you want to create the space to work on yourself and go deep to face your  challenges and move towards self-authenticity.


1:1 Weekly Coaching

Coaching Ap

The Details:

  • A life audit
  • 4 Weekly 60-minute Zoom calls a month
  • Recordings of our Zoom calls
  • A dedicated App for Q&A, (no email)
  • 12 months
  • $2500 x per month
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